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AcquireNotes Journal - Keep your rich notes secure

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Effective Aspects - Software doesn't have to be hard to use!

Notes software with tags, bookmarks,
                          sticky notes and reminders.

AcquireNotes Journal software

Notes can build up in day to day events and jobs. They can come from many sources and so need some kind of structure.

A notes journal reminder can help with this burden. It comes equipped with tags, bookmarks, sticky notes and reminders.

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AcquireNotes Journal

Create Simple notes in a rich text environment, complete with advanced picture editing tools. Keep safe all your notes into easy-to-manage password-protected files.


Filtering via tags or bookmarks allows you to find your information quickly. Color-coded folders and a fully editable grid complete with a modern-styled UI allows you control over your data efficiently.

Sticky notes and pop-up reminders can be used to keep you up-to-date.

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So what can AcquireNotes Journal do?

Create Simple
                                  rich notesFeature rich environment with over 100 fields available for each note.

Navigation is easy with various shortcuts to jump easily back and forth through your notes.

All files are password capable of keeping your notes safe. There is no need to worry about prying eyes.

Full text formatting controls available, and photo-editing tools as well. Photo editing means you can resize, grey scale, soften, etc. inside your notes.

Management of the folders and content is done with ease. You can change the folder color, rename or merge them effortlessly.

Sticky notes and pop-up reminders
                                can be used to keep you up-to-date.

Create themed notebooks based on various journal styles. Be it a book library, cookbook, hobby list, software list, writers notes, this can store all with ease.

Filtering via tags, alarms or favorites allows you full control of the notes you see. You can work exactly the same with either 5 or 5000 notes.

Set alarm pop-ups and sticky notes against your notes for quick reviews and reminders.

Create text, html or xls reports from your specially filtered notes which can then be printed or exported.

"Gets all the main features you can expect from a notes manager, but still being quite "light" (ie : not a "heavy machine" -> in french : "pas un marteau pour écraser une mouche" / "not a hammer to crush a fly" !)"



  • Date: 2nd September, 2012

  • Version: 1.4

  • Windows XP, Vista and 7 with 1.7GHz speed and 256 Meg RAM.

  • 30 day trial ($24.95) $5.00

  • File Size: 3.4Mb

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Try out the 10 different journal themes


Book Library

Book Library allows you to hold a collection of your books on your computer. This includes author, edition, rating, loaned out to, ISBN, language plus many more.
As books come in different genres, such as horror, fantasy or adventure, then this can help you to section them well.


Checklist can run either as a quick to-do list in a grid format or as a more in-depth project editor with fields and simple note's editing.
Fields for this include: goals, requirements, duration, task type, categories plus many more.



Cookbook can house all of your recipes from famous cooks, friends and family as well as your own creations.
As you add your recipes, you can add remarks and comments against them. Time preparation, meal type, key ingredients plus many more.

Family Planner

Family Planner

Family Planner can look after all your family details. This can save info for vacation, bills, medical, school, etc. for viewing at a later date.
You can set reminders against these to show alarms when they are due.

Hobby Planner

Hobby Planner

Hobby Planner can log many details to deal with your own ever growing hobbies. Hobbies have many details such as goals/aims, costs, as well as logging materials needed.
How you deal with your hobbies also can be logged, for example, game, event, seminar, training techniques.

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Diary can collect information from different sources. Journals can be from personal, projects, etc.
You can log thoughts, achievements, situation, etc. Also, with journals come moods, such as relaxed, sad, focused, etc.

Movie Library

Movie Library

Movie Library can allow you to record your movies list correctly. Movies come in different genres, such as comedy, children or action.
You can also rate these movies too. There are many fields to record details such as duration, actors, year, loaned out plus more.



Memo allows you to record notes from distinctive sources. It can store them in many folders and with different types.
Notes can come from memos, scraps, brainstorming, summary, drafts plus others. Notes also may need to have follow-up actions.

Office Planner

Office Planner

Office Planner allows you to keep your plans under control. Working details have to be available quickly and this can help.
Types of details that can be saved to include, working time, appointments, training, costs, etc. Phone, email and website addresses can also be saved.

Software Library

Software Library

Software Library can log all of your software details. Software either bought, free or trial can still need information to be saved.
Passwords, serial numbers, version, companies, etc. are things we collect with software. They type of software is something that varies, such as audio and video, office, security plus many more.

Study Planner

Study Planner

Study Planner can help you save your own studying details. If you are a teacher of a student, then this can be used for you.
Level of study, teacher, students, duration, location plus many more can be saved. The subject such as math, English, painting, health, and many more.



Writer can keep your different writings safe and secure. Your details can be books, scripts, diary, drafts, letters, quotes plus many more and this can save them all.
The genre for your writing can also be set, such as adventure, children, educational, motivational, personal development plus many more.

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