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Notes journal reminder and fun English learning games

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Effective Aspects - Software doesn't have to be hard to use!

Welcome to Effective Aspects

Here you can find two software titles. Please feel free to download.

If you have any problems, then please get in touch.

Easy to remember fun English vocab Simple notes in a rich text environment

Fun English learning games

AcquireNotes Journal

Notes journal reminder

Download ABCBasics now

Download AcquireNotes now

Notes software with tags, bookmarks, sticky notes and reminders.

AcquireNotes screen

A notes journal reminder with tags, bookmarks, sticky notes and reminders.

Get AcquireNotes now!

Download AcquireNotes now

Create Simple notes in a rich text environment, complete with advanced picture editing tools. Keep safe all your notes into easy-to-manage password-protected files.


Filtering via tags or bookmarks allows you to find your information quickly. Color-coded folders and a fully editable grid complete with a modern-styled UI allows you control over your data efficiently.

Sticky notes and pop-up reminders can be used to keep you up-to-date.

Brothersoft Softpedia site

So what can AcquireNotes Journal do?

Create Simple rich notes

Feature rich environment with over 100 fields available for each note.

Navigation is easy with various shortcuts to jump easily back and forth through your notes.

Secure all your journal writings.

All files are password capable of keeping your notes safe. There is no need to worry about prying eyes.

Diary software to make notes reminders.

Full text formatting controls available, and photo-editing tools as well. Photo editing means you can resize, grey scale, soften, etc. inside your notes.

Home notes organiser software.

Management of the folders and content is done with ease. You can change the folder color, rename or merge them effortlessly.

Sticky notes can be used to keep you up-to-date.

Ideas organizer software for writers.

Create themed notebooks based on various journal styles. Be it a book library, cookbook, hobby list, software list, writers notes, this can store all with ease.

Filtering via tags, alarms or favorites allows you full control of the notes you see. You can work exactly the same with either 5 or 5000 notes.

Sticky notes with rich text formatting and simple sticky note popups.

Set alarm pop-ups and sticky notes against your notes for quick reviews and reminders.

Create text, html or xls reports from your specially filtered notes which can then be printed or exported.

Read more about AcquireNotes Journal!

Remember English words better


Enjoy learning with fun English learning games and flashcards with easy to remember English vocab.

Get ABCBasics now!

Download ABCBasics now

Hear many words that are spoken in native English. Learn common vocab such as phonics, animals, food, numbers, transport, weather and many more.


There are real photographs, which help describe the words you learn. Enjoy learning with games and flashcards to help remember well with interactive sounds to help.

Each pack contains the Chalkboard. This is a simple tool to help with drawing characters and playing your own games such as hangman, etc.

Gear download File Guru

So what can ABCBasics do?

Easy to remember and fun English learning games

Small and easy to remember vocab modules with multiple sets (maximum of 26 words per set).

Simple software to learn English.

Super easy navigation around the program. You can jump to other places quickly.

An effective English learning program.

Repetition is the key to learning and remembering, so here we have many games and activities to help.

Learn English games with pictures.

Learn with your own Chalkboard. This is to help with writing or simple drawings that can be later saved to files. We are now offering online roulette games provided by RuletIgre, so be sure to check them out if you want to play.

A simple tool to help with drawing characters and playing your own games

Learn with British (colour) or American (color) spelling.

Play Classic English Games.

Simple memory games and spelling games to help build your own word list.

Flip English words with picture cards.

There are flip cards that allow you to firstly see the image without hearing the words.

Play all the vocab in a slide show.

Many places to click and hear. Also, there are help buttons with a super slow and easy spelling of the words.

Read more about ABCBasics!

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