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ThemeWidgetsOur titles have come and gone, but have helped build us into where we are today. Previous work included Newsletter Publisher (changed into Notes widget), Desktop Clock, Effective Write Calendar, Effective Word, Effective Journal, Effective Organizer and more.

There is not much room for sentiment with projects. The coding is what keeps regenerating. At the moment, there is just one title, ThemeWidgets. The code from those previous projects hardly ever gets deleted, but more likely turns into a more complimentary package.

About Me (The Developer)

Nigel OpenshawNigel Openshaw was born in 1974 from a small town out side of Manchester, UK, by the name of Walkden.

He grew up in the 80′s and willing has stayed there, except for the fashion. Loving British synth-pop music, to the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Depeche Mode, etc. Photos of the places traveled to can be found in the Photo Blog.

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