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Effective Day Zero

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An Excerpt from the book.

Lesson 1: It Is Time to Free Your Mind
Imagine a situation where you need to get things done but new problems arise, which make a more difficult situation and their deadlines harder to meet. People do not care about facts like that, they just want them done. This is where I came up with the method of Effective Day Zero. This removes all deadlines and gives a fresh start to everything. Every single item gets its own equal billing where nothing has priority.

This process will allow you to complete things much more efficiently and eventually within less time.

First Stage: The Clean Up
As for the completion time, some things will need a lot more, but some will not. My resolution is to make a rapid run through to see what you can initially get completed quickly or remove. These are almost the tasks with instant results.
So first, go through your list and pick off a few of the items to remove as much uncertainty as possible. This will give you a clearer head. You will have tasks that are more capable of being done reasonably quickly. Some things may go straight to the virtual recycle bin before you have even started.

Second Stage: Should You Use Level One, Level Two or Level Three?
I have produced a three-level system for your remaining tasks. This is purely to get the tasks into some alignment. Logically, they need some organizing before attempting. As you have already thrown some away and completed the lesser tasks, and the parts left are of more substance.



"I just needed this book right now. made me want to get up and make a change. my life has been filled with too many "hurdles"."
J. Norman (5 star review)

A background Story about the Origins of this Book

Icon Hi, I'm Nigel. I'm a 40 year old English teacher (ESL), currently in Daegu, South Korea. Previously to this I worked in IT as a software developer. This was in Manchester, UK.
For years, I struggled with self improvement and focusing on what I should do; my path was hazy. I tried lots of different self improvement tips and techniques, but to be brutally honest, it was a load of rubbish. I will give you just one word to describe it all, "Placebo".

Now to an extent the concept of placebo has in fact saved peoples lives. Giving people that extra boost with medicine, for example, takes the load off them for a while. But with that aside there are too many people with immoral gains out there.

I then hit a brick wall in life. The whole situation woke me up with the thinking and focus I really needed. This occurred to the extent that I quit my IT job and traveled to other countries.

On my travels it wasn't the places that helped me as such, but the people I met. They did not know me or anything about me. There was no judging, but just acceptance that I was just like them. It was a breath of fresh air. I was with people that I should have been with before.

Well after my enlightening I gained the clarity and strangely everything just fell into place.

Also let me ask you, how many times have you gone through stuff not knowing and learning about something enough to stop it happening again? What I mean is breaking routines. It is hard and I have done it. To put it simply I am now the healthiest I have ever been and it shocks me to see my poor past while believing in placebo products.

To learn how I did this and the tips I have learned the hard way, keep reading below. You could say its taken close to 39 years to make this thing.

Here's An Excerpt from the book.

1.2 If You Want to Be a Success, You Need to Offer Something That People Want and Need.

IconI have heard this saying in many ways. When you want to have success with something, naturally, what you have people must want it. However, wanting is not enough, as people must hand over their hard-earned cash. To do this you need to include marketing and promoting. This is not fixed on an object you made, such as a table, but can also be applied to you.

If persuading is too hard for you, then try looking for a special market. These places can bring up some surprises. Special areas of interest can help much more in building a brand. Be aware, your passion must come first before the specific niche. A niche is only good if you show your belief and passion well.

If you want to know what concerns people, go online and search for a certain topic of interest, such as making a table. Start by looking on blogs and comments sites covering the topic. From those results, looking at people's opinions can help much more when showing what people may want. You cannot guess correctly about their problems, you have to discuss those by asking them first.


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