A Powerful Wordpad Alternative with spell checking


Imagine a powerful Wordpad alternative with spell checking, word count and more functions.   I know many people want it as its been a long reason this program existed. This is Newsletter Publisher.

The problem with Notepad and Wordpad is they don’t do much. On the other hand MS Word and Open Office are packed with too much more.

This was my first program I made back in 2000 and for a while sat in the virtual recycle bin. Now, I think its time to pull it out and give it a new face. The code has changed significantly underneath, as you can imagine.

The History so far

Newsletter Publisher started as my big project to create a Microsoft word style program. Obviously I could never make a carbon copy of theirs but To learn by looking at a successful model and trying was my way of learning the ropes.

When I started this there was a paint program by an old company called Jasc. They had made Paint Shop Pro. It was amazing and light as well as a great price tag. The bigger PhotoShop seemed too big for simple editing. This was the imagery I had for Newsletter Publisher in relation to MS Word.

To me at the time I set no boundaries. A boss of mine thought otherwise and saw this task as impossible and questioned why I tried it. I then questioned his ability at being a leader and a boss by this.

So when setting super high goals (ones which have no chance of reaching), I see them as a way of improving from this current level and reaching heights that I would not of thought possible my self.

Newsletter Publisher as a project was time consuming, but worth it. It has built a great foundation for all other programs.

scrn ea np old A Powerful Wordpad Alternative with spell checking
Newsletter Publisher (2006)

The future of Newsletter Publisher

What this now looks like is below. You can see no dialogs and not over crowded. The left pane can disappear with a second click of the icon on the right. The panes also hide when another is selected.


scrn ea np new A Powerful Wordpad Alternative with spell checking

Newsletter Publisher 10

The newest version (in development June 2014)

Comparing features.

scrn ea np filemenu A Powerful Wordpad Alternative with spell checking

Above you can see the new and old file menu tools. The menus have been removed and exists only on one level. The are also much bigger and clearer with better organizing.

scrn ea np fonts dialog A Powerful Wordpad Alternative with spell checking

The features have been simplified somewhat. Dialog have almost all been removed. Fonts and Paragraph along with inserting files, Find and replace, and spell checking have now got a sidebar. What this means is that your document doesn’t get hidden and also no more OK and Cancel buttons. Results are instant.

scrn ea np print A Powerful Wordpad Alternative with spell checkingPrinting within the preview window. Tools can edit the settings within this dialog.

I need your input.

I need to know what you think. At the end of the day this small updated project exists as a simple Wordpad alternative with a couple of powerful tools that Microsoft never included.

My thought is, what do you think it needs? And also what it does not.

It has not been released as yet as features are still being brought in. I shall write any future edit below. Please also add your comments.

2 responses

  1. I will post updates in here. If you have a feature request I will see what I can do. The UI has to be viewable across the room so keep this in mind.

    Also all rich text features disappear if you select to edit a basic text file (same as in Wordpad). So what else would you include for the basic text file?

  2. It’s finally up and released (only temporary and not major promoting).
    Its running smooth for me, but I want to hear your thoughts. Let me know how you get on.

    If you run it and would like a feature then just ask me. I am sure I can find room somewhere.


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