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Latest version:1.22 (9th Dec 2014)

A users comments: "I love that it has the original whiteboard along with the weather and reminder themes attached as well. I like the themes to help remind me of spur of the moment activities i may have otherwise forgotten. Thank you!!"

Here is a small insight as to what you can get here.

The reason I built this was due to the complex offerings in customization where only the highly skilled graphic artists can perform. I wanted to give everyone a chance to theme small apps to their own tastes.

Theme Widgets has eight small apps that run on your PC desktop. The apps cover different tasks such as: clock, calculator, weather, notes, calendar, timer, stopwatch and a whiteboard. This will hopefully grow over time.

They all run independently so you can choose which ones you like to use. ThemeWidgets also comes with a theme manager where you can use from 50 preset themes or build your own.

It's so easy to make your own as all the tools are together. No need for Photoshop to make the themes. If you have ever tried to install widgets before and found them too technical and confusing, then try our widgets and enjoy instant themed widgets.

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The Widgets So Far

As previously said there eight apps.

Below I will talk a little more about each one.


CLOCK - Receive Pop-Up Messages at a Certain Time

Create alarms to show your messages. The alarm message will also use the theme you have chosen in the main clock. Choose to see date, time or both on the screen - Set format styles of the date and time. Be able to view your own formatting styles.


CALCULATOR - Make Calculations Right on Your Desktop.

Here is a simple calculator with just the basic functions needed in everyday life. With this, you are able to save numbers in memory for later use. Save the number even when the program closes. When you reopen next time, the values will still be there.


WRITABLE CALENDAR - Write Notes Just Like on a Real Calendar.

It does not sync to your phone or send you messages when there is something due, but what it does is give you a real an authentic-looking experience on your desktop. Write notes just like on a real desktop calendar. You can easily flip through the months and years.


NOTES - An Editor With Spelling, Word Count and Multiple Notes.

Everything is simple and unobtrusive in design. Format and proof files with ease. Use the common format tools such as line-spacing, paragraph spacing and alignment. Proof with the Spell Checker and Find and replace. Also, there is a super easy print preview.


STOPWATCH - View Time Accurately in Milliseconds.

If you have a schedule and need to see how much time as passed, then this can show you. Keep track of time and with a visual stopwatch on your desktop. Show time accurately in milliseconds with a simple-to-use stopwatch. Use start, stop, resume and reset to control the time.


TIMER - Set Time in Hours, Minutes and Seconds and Hit Start.

You can set a time and after using it, you can reset back to the original time. With this Timer, you can set the size to something that can fill the screen. Keep track of time and with a visual timer on your desktop. Set time in hours, minutes and seconds and hit start. Handy for presentations.


WHITEBOARD - Virtual Whiteboard to Draw Freely and Add Text.

Create fun and interactive templates that you can erase and try again. Turn your screen into a live editing environment. Be able to draw and add text anywhere and then save it all to a file for later. Insert photos and diagrams for help with templates. Also, insert text if drawing is difficult.


WEATHER - Set the Weather for Your Home Or a Place to Visit.

Choose a first a country and then a place to view the specific weather. It is a source that you set once and ignore it. Get a report for today straight on your desktop from other countries. View the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. See a short description of the weather in location.

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