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Nigel OpenshawNigel Openshaw was born in 1974 from a small town out side of Manchester, UK, by the name of Walkden. He grew up in the 80′s and willing has stayed there, except for the fashion. Loving British synth-pop music, to the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Depeche Mode, etc.

Photos of these places can be found in the Photo Blog.

Where is he from?

He comes from Manchester, UK and has traveled to many countries. At this moment, he is in South Korea as an ESL teacher with young students. He dreams of returning to Australia where he spent a year traveling and taking in what great nature and wildlife the country holds. He now teaches at Smart-ESL Learning in Gyeongsan SK.

What does he do?

Nigel spends his days either teaching children or being with his own clan. So with this in mind the time left over is very precious. Time management, motivation and self-help are what drive him on to make good use of what time is left, but not just for himself, but also in his readers.

FREEMIUM MODEL this way, please.

He has released software titles since 2000. These include Effective Desktop Clock, Effective English, Effective Whiteboard and Effective Write Calendar and more. There are also Android Apps, English Korea Word Game. They are on Google Play store with Free and paid versions.

He has also taught via an online Course Site called Udemy. More info about the WordPress Course can be found here.

He's an author too?

He has recently released his first book on Amazon called Life Organizing Get Results. It’s a tale from all the motivational tweets on Twitter given since 2011. More info can be found here

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