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Effective Aspects has mainly be a software based site. Over time this has become less and less as my main goal of teaching has grown more and more and now into time management. With this situation came a dilemma in what to do with the software and so they are now their own entity within the site. You can find them on many pages as my own adverts.

Time Management Help

Time ManagementThis now means the main site is for helping and teaching positive and motivational material mainly as said in time management and organizing. I have had a lot of experience with focusing one’s efforts with using many “self-help” products. I see it mostly as testing the waters. The problem out there is the products fall into a placebo effect. They tell you what you want to hear, but they should be telling you how you can make your life better. It’s very nice to hear what you want, but sometimes if not many, you need a stronger guidance.

So now, I will cut the wheat from the chaff and show you how YOU can do better by yourself.

Who am I?

nmoNigel Openshaw was born in 1974 from a small town out side of Manchester, UK, by the name of Walkden. He grew up in the 80′s and willing has stayed there, except for the fashion. Loving British synth-pop music, to the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Depeche Mode, etc.

He has traveled many countries and currently resides in Daegu, South Korea. Photos from his travels can be found on the other site below.

There another website called, Drawing Tutorials and Sketches – Turning Travel Photos Into Artwork. There are many different aspects in drawing and they will be used within the photo travel site.

If you ever have any questions then please get in touch.

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