20 Productivity Tips to Be Creative and More Successful

If you are reading this then I guess you are feeling slightly down somewhat in being creative. Here I shall shed light on some productivity tips to be creative in what ever you do. The myth of “non creative people” before I go any further is total rubbish. You are as creative as anyone else. The concept of not being a creative person is rubbish. You just need to know how.

Being creative creates a regimented approach and one that in fairness does get things done, but puts a lot of control on the process. In dealing with the concern of controlling your output, time is obviously a reason. If you decide to let a deadline slide, just to make something better, would that, then be an issue?

What Makes Someone Creative and Therefore Successful?

productivity tipsCreativity is something that needs free-thinking; otherwise, there is an overburden of pressure to handle. Deadlines can affect your creativity too. They tend to create a process of, “get the goals completed” and then keep the ideas for next time.

Creating is hard I know, as I have had to make my software and business with just myself. It started as a hobby to learn coding, but then grew a bit more. One thing I did early was to get more people involved as much as possible with the design. Those people were my users and such-like. They are very important and help you in being more creative. They see things in a different light. As for me, software titles have changed and so do other people’s requests. Keeping users on board has always helped.

Productivity Tips to Be Creative

1. Get some sleep

Being tired will not help you. You need to use your brain, so make sure its in good shape.

2. Failure can happen

Accept it and move on and don’t be negative. Once you see the chance of failure, you fear the result of failure and so your actions are hindered.

3. Identify the problems

Know where there are situations and whats going on. Look at things logically, not emotionally.

4. Be the novice

Don’t put pressure on yourself to perform. Looking at something with fresh eyes can show you different aspects

5. Reward yourself

Give yourself breaks. Don’t try to work to a deadline that makes you hate what you are doing, as it will show in your results.

6. Think simple

Work to small targets and keep it super simple.

7. Look for inspiration

You are in need of help, so go and find some. Break your mind-flow.

8. Think outside of the box

A box is rigid but your thinking doesn’t have to be.

9. Confidence

Complete tasks that can be done reasonably quickly, to improve confidence.

10. Relax!

Just kidding. Listen to some music, watch some TV for 30 minutes or get some food. If it’s not working for you, then you have to change, so move, go outside for a while.

11. Eat healthy

Yes, you need to eat healthy, as long-term effects of fruit and nuts will help more that sugary snacks.

12. Be spontaneous

Get an app on your phone for notes or use memo paper. Ideas can come from anywhere and any time.

13. Be free

Don’t let your demons in your head tell you not to do. If you have something, then write it down. Think about it later.

14. Do some reading

Research online, magazines etc can help you significantly. The information could trigger an idea that you thought might not come to much.

15. Immersion

To live outside of the field doesn’t give you experiences from within it.

16. Talk to people who know

You are not alone. Other people may be able to help you.

17. What is your goal?

Be clear on your end result that you need. Without it, you are lost.

18. Mind maps

My favorite, my students not so. Mind maps can show you visually all your current aspects. From there you can move around and see new goals.

19. Brainstorm

Write down anything and everything. There are no wrong answers at this point.

20. Give you time

Create a window in your day to improve your creativity. Build a routine and ritual to strengthen your thoughts.

In Conclusion to Being Creative and More Successful

So, when being creative, do not see yourself as the underdog and live in the shadows of those giant companies, so remember: “Be a creator not a competitor!”

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  1. Rod Rod
    February 24, 2014    

    Thank you, Nigel! I’ve been battling through writer’s block this month (February ’14) & your 20 tips are most helpful. 1-10 are great reminders and tips I follow naturally.

    13-16 are loaded with exactly what I need to focus on.

    13. Be free – sounds too easy and so appealing, but it’s too hard at times. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves the time to think about it later. I only seem to get this right when I follow #10 and relax by going outside, walking, breathing in fresh cold air. That’s my freedom.

    11. Nuts and fruits snacked on throughout the day are the best way to break out of malaise both physically and mentally.

    14, 15, 16 do some reading + immersion + talk to people.

    That’s an easy to follow 3-step process to successful breakthroughs and inspiration.

    1. Read something you’re interested in that will stretch you
    2. Immerse yourself in your area of interest
    3. Share it with others and give and receive feedback

    Thank you!

    • February 25, 2014    

      Thank you very much Rod. I am really glad that this has helped.

      Yes, to open up to others and be immersed are great ways to get going.

      To get into a writing mood I take my phone and go out for a walk. As I walk along I record the audio.
      Later I then type it down. I only change it once its all typed up.

      Thanks again

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