Custom Built Software with Your Help

scrn ea edtapps02 Custom Built Software with Your HelpEffective Desktop Apps

Download a Customizable Desktop Clock and Timer

Create and instantly use your own preset designs for this free customizable desktop clock, stopwatch and timer. This is a stylish, modern and much simpler to use app. Have a clock, stopwatch and timer that now sit quietly on your computer desktop. Formatting is not a problem – you can save the fonts and colors in your own presets.

No matter what your theme colors are, you can change the apps to match. You can instantly view different themes that you have previously made. This is a very simple and elegant clock, complemented by your own theme’s colors.

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Effective Whiteboard

scrn ea ewboard01 300x225 Custom Built Software with Your HelpDownload an Interactive Desktop Whiteboard for Teaching.

Wouldn’t it be great if your marker pen never ran out and also your board get dusty or dirty. Why not try a free digital whiteboard on your computer for tutoring and home-schooling.

Make teaching interactive and fun with a virtual whiteboard at home. Children of all ages can also use with confidence, as there is no need for typing at all, just drawing.

Play games, group sketch/edit and thus collaborate and learn without any paper. If you like teaching with the modern whiteboard then this is for you. It allows you to create sketches, memos, lessons, etc. and afterwards store the boards for later use.

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scrn ea ewcal02 Custom Built Software with Your HelpEffective Write Calendar

Download a Monthly Writable Desktop Calendar for Notes

You can manage your home and work life’s appointments via this monthly writable desktop calendar. Just write as on a normal calendar. If you have ever tried to keep a clean and neat desktop calendar only to change plans, then you will notice that it does not look so neat and clean after a while.

Well this calendar acts just like a desktop calendar with the helpful extra ability of being cleaned. It’s so easy to use, just write on the screen! If you don’t like something or it needs changing, then don’t worry as you can remove all.

No need for constantly typing. Browse through and edit as quickly as you would on a traditional desktop calendar. Be colorful and create your own keys and color systems. You have 7 colored pens to choose from. If you don’t want prying eyes to see, then minimize the display to show only the current date.

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Effective Newsletter Publisher

scrn ea np new Custom Built Software with Your HelpDownload a really useful WordPad Alternative

Have you wanted something to write letters or simple documents for home, school or work? Most programs that fill the word processing category come with way too much bloat. The facts stated many times is that people only ever use a small portion of those features. So here you have a free WordPad alternative. All you have to think about is your writing!

The idea then of a smaller program falls on the shoulders of Wordpad. This as you know is very small and features are very few. This has no word count and no spell checking.

I decided to make a program that proudly above the WordPad clones and obviously not as high as the big office suites. This was a program I created a long time ago, but recently noticed the problems haven’t been addressed in Windows 7 and 8, So  I rebuilt Newsletter Publisher with just the parts that are needed to make it a WordPad alternative.

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scrn esl eenglish04 300x225 Custom Built Software with Your HelpEffective English for Kids

Download Desktop English Word Games for Kids and ESL.

Try this free vocabulary software to learn English words. Effective English for Kids will help your child in gaining confidence with great English word games to learn English well.

Learning a new language can be hard. This is perfect for first language or ESL learners in home schooling. Help your child to pick up common word while being immersed with many series of challenges.

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 Korean English Word Game (Android App)

banner705 Custom Built Software with Your HelpHow would you like to learn Korean vocabulary with a simple and fun quiz app?

My Korean English Word Game has over 300 words in 7 different levels.

Each quiz has a total of 48 words, so make sure to play many times to see all (The full version has 1000 words in 21 levels).


Free (7 levels):

gplay Custom Built Software with Your Help

Full (21 levels) $2 US Dollars / 2000 Korean Won:

gplay Custom Built Software with Your Help

  •  Ad-free. Ads aren’t a pleasant site to see.
  • Works offline. If you are on the bus or in the country, no problem!
  • There are so many topics. They are mixed up to mirror life. Using vocab in real life is never planned.