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Desktop Clock TOP PICK!

  • Do you find it hard to keep track of time?

  • Would you like a super simple alarm clock software that never seemed to come with Windows?

  • This has incredibly easy settings to create alarms with a message.

The alarm message will also use the theme you have chosen in the main clock.

You can also change the size of your clock too, even to the size of your whole screen.
View time and with a visual alarm clock on your pc.

Place a customizable alarm clock on your computer. Use this scalable digital desktop clock for a bigger view.

Choose formats and many themes to customize to your taste. Within themes you can edit the color, font, sizes and gradients.

Effective Desktop ClockDesktop Clock Free Download

Effective Desktop ClockDesktop Clock Download (Ad-free)

Newsletter PublisherTOP PICK!

  • How often do you write a letter or just a simple note?

  • But what you find is the software to attempt the task is just too powerful.

  • It becomes a learning experience at a point you just don't want.

The phrase, "you don't need a sledge hammer to crack a nut" comes to mind.

Here is a Word-processor even a child could use. Everything is simple and unobtrusive in design.

Enjoy writing without worrying where or what to do next. Imagine WordPad with spelling, word count and multiple documents. Be able to create and edit documents within an easy environment.

Simple jobs require simple tools. Format and proof files with ease.

Have at hand many of the common features in professional suites to create great pieces of work simply.

Effective Newsletter PublisherNewsletter Publisher Free Download

Effective Newsletter PublisherNewsletter Publisher Download (Ad-free)

Desktop Weather

  • Where do you read your weather forecast?

  • Weather reports come from the TV, computer, newspapers, smartphone apps and many more.

  • Why not try just one source on your desktop.

Effective Desktop Weather

It's a source that you make once and ignore it.

You can also change how it looks too with great theming options which are so easy to use.

Why not also get a report for today straight on your desktop from other countries. If you go on vacation, you can see how it is before you go.

Set the weather for your home town or city or even for a place you want to see on vacation. See the description and temperature in C and F.

Effective Desktop WeatherDesktop Weather Free Download

Effective Desktop WeatherDesktop Weather Download (Ad-free)

Webcam Wallpaper TOP PICK!

  • Do you waste too much time looking for wallpapers?

  • People change them quite often.

  • It's a great source of expression is a sparse and controlling environment.

Wouldn't you like to see the world and see places where you might like to go on travel to?

Why not visit them from the comfort of your desktop. Visit countries and set them as a live feed as your wallpaper.

Make your desktop come alive with a view from countries around the World. Choose your wallpaper to refresh at intervals and show updated pictures.

Browse through a large list of webcams and see some amazing places. You can also create instant snapshots of the webcam and save as files for later.

Set up the program easily and let it do everything for you when you start your computer.

Effective Webcam WallpaperWebcam Wallpaper Free Download

Effective Webcam WallpaperWebcam Wallpaper Download (Ad-free)

Desktop Stopwatch

  • Do you need to keep track of time?

  • Are you in a line of work or studying where you have to keep track of how much time as passed?

  • If you have a schedule and want to see how much time as passed then this can show you.

Do you also find it hard looking at a small and tiny app ? Well with this stopwatch you can set the size to something that can fill the screen.

View time and with a visual stopwatch on your desktop.

Show time accurately in milliseconds with a simple-to-use stopwatch. Use start, stop, resume and reset to control the time.

Choose formats and many themes to customize to your taste. It is light and quick with easy customization of the UI.

Effective Desktop StopwatchDesktop Stopwatch Free Download

Effective Desktop StopwatchDesktop Stopwatch Download (Ad-free)

Desktop Timer

  • Do you have to keep track of time?

  • Are you setting time for recurring events?

  • If you have a competition or a meeting and need to see how much time as passed then this can show you.

You can preset a time and after using it, you can reset back to the original time.

Do you find it hard looking at a small and tiny app? Well with this Timer you can set the size to something that can fill the screen.

Keep track of time and with a visual timer on your desktop. Choose a time in hours, minutes and seconds and hit start.
You can also pause, resume and reset to the time you started with.

Choose formats and many themes to customize to your taste. It is light and quick with easy customization of the UI.

Effective Desktop TimerDesktop Timer Free Download

Effective Desktop TimerDesktop Timer Download (Ad-free)

Whiteboard TOP PICK!

  • How do you show notes and drawings to others?

  • Do you find yourself showing drawings in a paint program?

  • Or do you show everything in a PowerPoint slideshow?

This can be difficult if you have last minute changes or even live editing?

Also, let students and colleagues be able to write themselves on the screen.

Create fun and interactive templates that you can erase and try again. Turn your screen into a live editing environment.

Have your own virtual whiteboard on your PC. If you need an educational teaching tool, project planning tool or for creating storyboards, then this can work for you.

Be able to draw and add text anywhere and then save it all to a file for later.

Effective WhiteboardWhiteboard Free Download

Effective WhiteboardWhiteboard Download (Ad-free)

Write Calendar

  • Have you ever owned a desktop calendar?

  • And have you ever had to change something? It doesn't look too good after a while.

  • I bet you can't wait to get to the next month to start again.

Effective Write Calendar

Well, what if I told you, you could have a classic calendar and stay clean.

This is super simple. It doesn't sync to your phone and doesn't send you messages when there is something due, but what it does is give you a real and authentic looking experience on your desktop.

Why not get organized and in keep control of your life with a virtual calendar.

Write notes just like on a real desktop calendar. You can easily flip through the months and years with the roll of the mouse wheel.

Be able to draw or add text anywhere on-screen. Choose from seven vivid colors and two different pen sizes.

Effective Write CalendarWrite Calendar Free Download

Effective Write CalendarWrite Calendar Download (Ad-free)

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