Advanced WordPress – Improve speed, fight spam and security


Security in most websites is minimal at most, so I made a course to help you to achieve something with a bit more strength. This is a plugin WordPress tutorial course aimed at improving security as well as getting optimal performance on your website. Thinking only about SEO is not enough! Here you can learn […]

One Golden Rule to be in Charge of Your Life


Effective Day Zero by Nigel Openshaw – One Golden Rule to be in Charge of Your Life. This book presents many lessons to help you with day-to-day activities and improving your goals in life. There are many examples from experiences in business and home life presented here. They all work to show just how easy […]

More Sketches on My New Drawing Tutorials Site

Drawing Tutorials

This site has many types of artwork (eventually), but there is also another place. It’s at, Drawing Tutorials and Sketches – Turning Travel Photos Into Artwork. There are many images within video based drawing tutorials. I decided to draw my own images for the post here instead of stock photos. But this site is not […]

How to Organize your Workspace – Embrace Empty Spaces

organize your workspace

Have you ever turned up either at home or work with something and found there’s no space to put it down? I bet you also have been in that state before that experience. And from that point you realized you didn’t fulfill any previous ambitions. You need to learn to organize your workspace better.

Long Time no See


Hello again, Long Time no See. After a year out I have decided to bring this blog back to life. For a while writing didn’t seem that important. I have been building my ESLĀ  teaching business for a year and a half now and its in a good and healthy state. I love all my […]

How to Make a Homemade Paper Chain

Homemade Paper Chain

The homemade paper chain is a pretty simple activity. It adds some instant festive color to your home for decoration or a party. How much chain you make depends on your location and design. My design was to make a cross over the top of our living room ceiling. This was done, firstly, as one […]

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